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Over 1000 Blind Students At SHS Have No Books To Read – Union


The over one thousand visually impaired students in various Senior Secondary Schools across the country have no learning materials to aid them with their studies, director of the blind union of Ghana has revealed.

According to Dr. Obeng Asamoa, the visually impaired students have had to rely on their colleagues to read books to their hearing since they do not have access to specially designed materials.

Speaking to Francis Abban on the Morning Starr Monday, Dr. Asamoa called on government to make the school atmosphere conducive for the visually impaired students.

“The cost issue is important but it shouldn’t be an excuse at all. There are persons who are blind and are enjoying Free SHS but do not have textbooks that they can use. They depend on their friends to read to their hearing…this is a challenge. It is an unfair situation to have a blind child getting friends to read textbooks to their hearing. Close to a 1000 blind students are in SHS as we speak. The blind students have not received books and or learning materials to make studies easy,” he said.

He also revealed that people living with sight challenges have been blessed with enhanced senses but go through major challenges, regardless.

“Our other senses are enhanced. I believe I have a very good memory and a very good sense of hearing. I can monitor about 2 to 3 conversations at the same time. I use touch to identify my clothes most people cannot do that. At a point, somebody told me I was wasting my time in school and that as a blind person, I don’t need to be in school. I pushed more to make things happen for myself and to prove the fellow wrong”.

Source: Starrfmonline

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