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The Founder and Chief Executive Officer of PULSE Institute Africa, Austin Gamey,  has recommended an amendment of Article 71 of Ghana’s Constitution as a long term measure in preventing the recurrence of the infamous double salary saga.

He indicated that, “the current issue of double salaries to some ministers and Parliamentarians though regrettable presents the opportunity for the nation to amend the current emolument regime of Article 71 office holders to rather bring them under the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission.”

According to him, the constitution must be amended, adding that “once the constitution is the way it is, there is nothing anybody could do, even including the President”.

He also called for a uniform emolument regime in Ghana that embraces all the classes of the working class.

According to him, the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission’s mandate should be broadened to capture every salaried worker in the country including Article 71 office holders, allowing the Commission to place them and access the requisite salaries to be given to them

The labour expert, who possesses several years of consultancy and training experience gained  from  work activities, training,  research  and bench marking programmes in  Ghana,  U.S.A.,  Switzerland, Italy, Japan, Canada, Denmark and Norway expressed surprise at the the issue itself and also the way it was handled, adding that he was of the view that similar issues would demand administrative procedures to resolve.

He however added that, if it is proved that there was a deliberate attempt to rip the nation, then it moves beyond administrative means of resolution.

He advised that the issue should be resolved amicably between the parties, adding that rather the country should find a lasting solution to the problem.

Article 71 of the constitution enjoins the President to set up a committee to determine the salaries and end of service benefits of the three arms of government.

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