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Police, VAS-INTEL and Stratom Deal Problematic — CVM


The Concerned Voters Movement (CVM), a political pressure group, has described the e-policing pilot project among the Ghana Police Service, Vas-Intel and Stratom as very problematic.

According to the group, the Ghana Police Service has to tread cautiously in carrying out such an initiative as it holds the security data of the nation.

Furthermore, the group said, irrespective of it being a pilot programme, the Ghana Police Service should have opened tender for all interested companies to partake in the selection process.

‘’At the end of the piloting, at least the country can settle on the company with the best package,’’ the President of the CVM, Mr Razak Kojo Opoku, mentioned at a press conference in Accra last Wednesday.
He, however, explained that there was no advertisement inviting applications for such piloting.

Pilot project

The project is being piloted in 26 police stations in Accra and Tema and once it is fully operational, it will be expected to create a seamless integration of police efforts across the country. This means that the Ghana Police Service will be using electronic means to take complaints, write statements and verify fingerprints; and all entries in Criminal

Investigations Department (CID) forms shall be digital, beginning with the 26 pilot police stations in Accra and Tema and the CID Headquarters.

Mr Opoku asked: “What is the guarantee that after the pilot project, the Ghana Police Service will not award the contract to Vas-Intel and its partner, Stratom, under sole sourcing to the detriment of potential companies who will have an interest in such a project?”

He noted that Vas-Intel and Stratom could not use their resources to pilot and be ignored at the end of the day.

Data Protection Commission

Mr Opoku said the Data Protection Commission was not consulted by the Ghana Police Service before they gave the green light to Vas-Intel and Stratom to carry out the pilot project.

According to him, the Procurement Minister and Public Procurement Authority were also not notified before the two institutions were decided on.

Contract not yet signed

Mr Opoku called on the ministers for the Interior, National Security and Procurement, and the Police Council of Ghana to intervene and ensure that competitive bidding was opened for all companies interested in such a project to also take part in the piloting, so that the country could have value for money.

When contacted, the Ghana Police Service explained that the piloting was free and at absolutely no cost to the service.

According to the source, the Ghana Police Service has not yet signed any contract with Vas-Intel.

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