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Policeman assault of Nursing Mother Arrested


The policeman who assaulted  a nursing mother in a banking hall has gone viral, Friday, has been arrested, reports to indicates.

The armed police officer was captured on video wrestling and ruthlessly assaulting a woman in a bank despite the mother holding a little child in her arm.

The circumstances surrounding the assault are not immediately known but the muscled officer is seen ferociously hitting the helpless woman with an umbrella and then repeatedly punching and slapping her in the face as though he were in a boxing duel with a worthy opponent.

Frederick Amanor Skalla, is currently at the Police Headquarters awaiting possible prosecution for indecent assault.

The general public and social media has been loud  since the incident broke and has called for prosecution of this police officer.

The yet to be identified woman went to the Midland Savings and Loans to withdraw an amount of money 250 Ghana Cedis but unfortunately, she went in late. Frederick Amanor Skalla, was then asked to send her out of the banking hall and that was the best approach applicable to him.



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