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‘Rapist’ Lebanese Wife Weeps In Court Over Bail


The wife of Rabih Haddad, the 39-year-old businessman accused of allegedly raping his 19-year-old domestic help broke down in tears this morning in court because an Accra High court refused her husband bail.

The court presided over by Justice Kofi Dorgu did not hear the bail application by the lawyers of the accused, Ralph Opoku Adusei because the state prosecutor in charge of the case was indisposed.

The Lawyer had urged the court to consider the fact that the wife of Haddad and two children have been thrown out of their house but the Judge held the counsel to return to court tomorrow, January 9.

This led the wife of the accused to burst out in uncontrollable tears.

Lawyers of the accused went to the high court in another attempt at bail after an Accra Central District Court had refused the accused bail.

The court presided over by Ms. Arit Nsemoh held that it did not have the jurisdiction to grant bail.

Prosecuting, Superintendent of Police Kweku Bempah informed the court that the matter was under investigations and awaiting DNA test to prove the case of rape or otherwise.

Supt. Bempah prayed the court to remand him into Police cells near the Police Hospital.

The facts as narrated by the Prosecution was that the victim is a 19-year-old Togolese who was engaged as a domestic house help in the house of Haddad.

Supt. Bempah said the Haddad is a Lebanese resident at Airport Hills, Accra.

Prosecution said in the month of November, this year, the victim was employed by the accused as a house help and he was in the boys quarter of the house with another house help.

The prosecutor said ever since the victim moved to the house the accused had persistently harassed the victim and insisted to have sexual intercourse with her anytime occupants including Haddad’s wife were not in the house.

Supt. Bempah said on November 30, this year, in the afternoon Haddad lured the victim into one of the rooms upstairs of the house and had sex with her after all the occupants in the house had left.

Prosecution said the victim reported the incident to a co-worker in the house but both kept the incident to themselves for the fear of losing their jobs.

On December 2, this year, between 4:00pm to 5:00pm when Haddad’s wife and kids had gone out, Haddad requested for coffee from the victim.

The victim then proceeded to the kitchen to prepare the coffee and Haddad approached the victim and demanded sex from her.


Prosecution said the victim resisted and that infuriated Haddad who slapped her on the face and held her neck and dragged her into the master bedroom.

According to prosecution Haddad stripped her naked and had sex with her on the bed.

Soon after the act, Prosecution said the accused person warned her not inform anyone in the house and he took his bath and left the house in his car.

Prosecution said victim for the second time reported her ordeal to the co-worker who in turn passed the information to a Police officer who was on duty nearby.

The matter was therefore reported at the Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit (DOVVSU) at Airport upon which Haddad was arrested.

Prosecution said the victim was issued with a medical report form to seek treatment while DNA test is conducted to confirm or otherwise the allegation of rape.

Haddad has however denied the offense, the prosecution said.

By: Jeffrey De-Graft Johnson/ thePublisher

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