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Ghanaian Parliamentarian Is A Palestinian Agent

...Israeli Ambassador Declares


The Israeli Ambassador to Ghana, H.E Ami Mehl, has revealed that a member of the Parliament of Ghana is known to Israeli Intelligence as an agent of the State of Palestine.

He indicated that even though the activities of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) MP for Kumbugu Constituency, Hon Ras Mubarak, had long been captured on the Israeli intelligence radar, little attention was paid to him because he was not worth it.

H.E Ami Mehl gave no evidence whatsoever to back his allegation and his claim has not been proven beyond doubt by THE PUBLISHER.

The diplomat, who visibly lost his cool during an interview on Starr FM on Wednesday, made the revelation as he explained the circumstances that led to the supposed refusal of visa to the Ghanaian MP to enter Palestine.

H.E Ami Mehl, who was speaking to Naa Dedei Tettey, rubbished allegations that the MP was denied entry into Ramallah because of his constant criticism of Israel and stressed that the lawmaker rather failed to follow due process.

“It’s bullsh*t. It’s propaganda. He is a propaganda machine of the Palestinians. We don’t treat him seriously because he is not a serious person.”

“There is no instruction whatsoever to me not to give visa to people like him. He was not denied or refused entry to Israel. He came without a visa to the border and was asked to wait. I was in the middle of a conversation with Israel when I was notified that he decided to go back to Jordan.

The Israeli Ambassador explained further: “He didn’t ask me for a visa and was not denied entry into the country. There was not instructions whatsoever to me not to give him a visa. Mr. Mubarak decided not to do things the right way. Mr. Mubarak came to the country without a visa”

Ras Mubarak was denied entry into the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) by Israel. The NDC MP was traveling under the aegis of the Palestinian Authority to present a paper in Ramallah.

Ras Mubarak

Reacting to the claims, however, Mr. Mubarak expressed surprise at the posture of the ambassador. He described the development as very sad, and vowed to continue with his activism for the state of Palestine.

“I did not need to go to the Israeli Embassy for a visa because the top officials in Tel Aviv have sorted my entry. My permit was issued by the Foreign Affairs minister of Israel. Aside myself, some other renowned individuals were refused entry. I have every legitimate right as a citizen of the world to point out injustices”, he said.

But the ambassador insisted it was all the fault of Hon. Ras Mubarak, saying: “He could have done it the right way. If he decided not to do it the right way it’s his problem.

The loud-mouthed politician is a known campaigner against the recognition of Jerusalem as the undivided capital of the state of Israel.

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