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Report Police Assault Cases


Victims of police brutalities in the partial lock down areas, due to the Covid-19 virus, are being encouraged not to keep their ordeal under the carpet.

The police administration has stated emphatically that it is unlawful for any policeman to take the law into their own hands and manhandle anybody for going out.

According to the police administration, any policeman that would be found culpable of illegally manhandling a civilian would be dealt with according to the law.

The Director of Public Affairs of the Ghana Police Service, Supt. Sheila Abayie Buckman, has said the police are out there to enforce the law but not to beat people.

She noted that the police hierarchy has received a complaint from one Madam Florence, who is alleging that some policemen have manhandled her in public.

“We are investigating this case from Madam Florence”, Supt Abayie Buckman said on television, adding that other victims of police brutalities should also report.

There are wide reports of several people, including the elderly, being abused and beaten by the joint police-military team in the lockdown communities.

Several videos have also gone viral on social media where some people were being abused by the security agents in some communities in the lockdown areas.

Supt Abayie Buckman said the police administration would not shield any policeman found guilty of assaulting somebody, adding that the police’s work is to maintain orderliness.

“Anyone that has been manhandled or assaulted by a policeman should report to the police for a swift investigation to unearth the truth for an action to be taken”.

Supt Abayie Buckman said the police are focused and determined to work so that the people would not break the lockdown rules and spread the deadly virus around.

In this regard, she admonished the public to stay at home at all times so that the police would have it easy in maintaining law and order in the state, notably the lockdown areas.

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