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Respect The Elderly …Ablekuma West Delegates Tell Roni

Delegates in the Ablekuma West Constituency has sent a strong signal to Roni Paa Kwesi Nicol once again, telling him to learn the space of political duties diligently, be equip in his work and overall respect and know how to strategically fight the elderly in political adversaries.

The delegates had earlier indicated that, Roni’s time is no near the seat as a Member of Parliament for the Constituency, and that he should rally behind the Incumbent to gain more popularity, experience and wait for the right time to contest.

But he refused all the says from the delegates, ground specialist and decided to make second attempt to contest in the New Patriotic Party (NPP)’s parliamentary primaries only for him to face a defeat to the high sequence and disgrace in addition.

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The delegates and party loyalist are of the opinion, Roni’s strength to fight an experienced and hardworking Member of Parliament like Hon Ursula Owusu-Ekuful will amount to defeat which can’t be explained but he ignored, refused to listen to the wise counsel only for such humiliation to come his way.

Roni Nicol who, ahead of the primaries, was very hopeful of winning, amid, making persistent declarations of himself emerging the candidate for Ablekuma West, managed to secure only 241 of the votes out of 1078 votes.

The primary was described as a fierce one, and as the going was getting tough, Roni Nicol was seen and heard accusing Ursula Owusu-Ekuful of camping party delegates in the constituency.

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Roni Kwesi Nicol alleged that most of the delegates have not started trooping in because they were being camped to induce them as if the delegates don’t have mind of their own.

He also said that some of the delegates who are in were denied entrain because they do not have accreditations contrary to the arrangement made.

This claim was however debunked and condemned by the Greater Accra Regional Secretary of the NPP, Daniel Nii Lai Parker, who was in-charge of the Ablekuma West primary.

According to him, Roni Nicol was only making frivolous allegations because he was getting desperate and frustrated.

Expressing concerns about Roni’s delegates lacking accreditation, Mrs. Owusu-Ekuful countered Roni’s claims, asserting that he hasn’t conducted serious campaigning in the Constituency and, hence lacks the experience in organizing and winning elections.

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Dismissing the allegations, she clarified, “They (delegates) were just given breakfast. Anyone who wants to eat, gets some and I don’t discriminate; nobody is under lock and key. So, I don’t know what they mean by camping, Camping, in a real sense, is when you block them up somewhere all night and then carry them in a bus to go vote. But this is an open place where people can walk in and take their breakfast.”

Bawumia Talks

In other development, flagbearer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, has however called on all losing candidates to put the elections behind them and rally behind the NPP to make history.

He made this known in a congratulatory message shared via his social media.

The flagbearer of the NPP is of the view that they will have to work closely with the winning candidates for the party to make history as the first to break the four-year cycle in 2024.

His post reads, “On behalf of the New Patriotic Party, I congratulate all those who have been elected today by the delegates of our party to participate in the December elections on the ticket of the NPP. I congratulate also the party parliamentary elections committee, the Electoral Commission of Ghana, the Security services, and the media for their contributions to making today’s election a peaceful and successful one.

“To those who lost out, I, together with the rank and file of the party, need your support and contributions to ensure that we win majority seats and the Presidency in December 2024. I urge the unsuccessful aspirants to leave the election behind, consider the supreme interest of the party, and work closely with the elected parliamentary candidates to secure success for the NPP. With unity of purpose, we will win in December 2024!”

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