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REVEALED: Court Documents Exonerate Alifa Adams

It has become evidently clear with obvious facts by court documents available that Mr. Alifa Adams was not found guilty by a Superior Court of Record concerning all allegations that were placed on him somewhere 2015.

The personality of the established businessman was spearheaded with all manner of accusations far back 2015. The cases of accusations which counted on several brief facts submitted by the prosecutor came to reality that it lacked certainty.

The prosecutor in several instances at the court called for adjournment which was granted by the judge to further investigate the accused businessman but rounded up to no avail.

It continued until on Tuesday, 24th November, 2015 – HER HONOUR AFI A KUDOMOR got tired with the continuous adjournment procedure and angrily questioned the prosecutor which subsequently made her to struck out the case.

In her ruling on that same day, the judge in the Circuit Court 9 categorically and in plain direct words discharged the accused businessman and other six people for lack of evidence.

Mrs. Afi Kudomor stated clearly that, “the case is hereby struck out for want of prosecution. Accused persons are discharged.”

She added, “The prosecution has been given several opportunities to start hearing in this matter but to no avail. The court on 28/09/15 gave the prosecution the last opportunity to put their house in order and start hearing this matter on the next adjourned date of 29/10/15 after the State Attorney prayed the court for about a month’s adjournment to put their house in order.

“On 29/10/15, the court was magnanimous enough to grant a further adjournment of a month to enable them put their house in order. Today it is the State Attorney’s prayer for a month adjournment but the court is not minded to grant it because the liberties of the accused persons are at stake here.

“The case is hereby struck out for want of prosecution. Accused persons are discharged. Accused persons can always be arranged before the court if prosecution is ready and minded to do so”

What’s even more intriguing is the fact that since 2015, the prosecution has never revisited the case, effectively admitting defeat due to a dearth of substantial evidence.

This revelation underscores the integrity of the legal system and highlights the importance of due process in ensuring fairness and protecting individual rights.

Below are court documents that shed light on this extraordinary case, revealing the twists and turns that led to the exoneration of Alifa Adams and his co-accused individuals.

This gripping tale serves as a testament to the power of the legal system and its ability to uphold justice in the face of adversity.

Attached below are the court documents:


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