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River Washes Away Expert Diver


AN EXPERT diver at Fumso, in the Ashanti region, who became very popular through his swimming escapades, has been killed by the very thing that shot him to fame.

Yaw Owusu, reportedly, wanted to show his swimming prowess to a huge crowd and so stood on a high pole and dived deep into a stream, but was not seen again by the teeming spectators.

According to eye witnesses, the people in the farming community were aware of Owusu’s swimming competence and were initially optimistic that he would swim ashore, until he failed to show up after several minutes of waiting.

Joseph Chuku, a broadcast journalist, who was at the accident scene, said there were wild wailings and cries around the stream when it became evident that the diver was not showing up, adding that residents of the community embarked on a wild search in the river to retrieve the body of Owusu on Saturday and Sunday but he was nowhere to be found.

He said the news was eventually reported to the traditional authorities and security agencies.

According to him, the traditional leaders later poured libation early Monday to pacify the gods in the area, and few hours later Owusu’s body appeared at the bank of the river.

By: Afia Sarpong Amankwa

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