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Robber Leaves Talisman Behind After Killing Banker


An armed robber, perhaps in a desperate attempt to escape arrest after shooting a banker dead in his house, left his talisman at the crime scene.

This was when one Mr. Raymond Peprah, said to be a banker, was shot twice by some hoodlums in his house at Santase Kwaadae in Kumasi, Tuesday dawn.

Peprah, reportedly, was in his room with another person around 12:45am on Tuesday when the robbers, believed to be three in number, stormed the place.

Reports suggest that Peprah, 30, started to shout “thieves, thieves” to draw attention of other people in the neighbourhood, but the shouts rather provoked  one of the robbers, who fired a warning shot into the air.

Unconfirmed reports say the deceased, at a point, tried to disarm his attackers, but was shot twice at close range, resulting in his instant death. The robbers then escaped.

The case was reported to the police and during their initial investigation, found a talisman at the scene.

It was believed that one of the robbers was in possession of the talisman as a charm for good luck.


FR OM Kwadwo Essel, Kumasi

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