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Sammi Awuku Jumps Into Defence of Blay Over 275 bus Saga


Newly-elected National Organiser of the New Patriotic Party has publicly defended what he said is a private initiative by the chairman to buy 275 new buses for commercial use in the constituencies.

According to Sammy Awuku, he finds it hard to understand those criticizing the newly elected national Chairman of the party NPP over buying 275 buses to function in various constituencies.

Sammi Awuku said even he, without clout and financial muscle, was able to purchase 200 motorbikes to all constituency youth organisers and wondered why Chairman Freddie Blay who owns a media house, a law firm, has been Member of Parliament and Second Deputy Speaker for years cannot marshal resources to procure 275 vehicles.

Sammy Awuku claims the initiative from Mr Freddie Blay was in connection to Proof his level of competence and how ready he is in all time to help the party.

The vehicles procured at a cost of $11 million are to be operated by the State Transport Company with a percentage of proceeds paid to the NPP constituency offices.

Mr Blay is reported to have paid an initial $3 million with the remaining amount left to be paid through the proceeds that will accrue from operating the commercial bus.

But the NPP chair has been criticized heavily by majority of Ghanaians, some names are that of Minority is Parliament, Togbe Afede who is the National House of Chiefs leader and many others.

He said having toured the entire constituency during the run-up to the elections, he, like Freddie Blay, was confronted with the challenges facing the supporters at the constituency level.

According to him, Freddie Blay decided to do something about party financing at the constituency level.

“To make resourcing our constituency party easier I am going to push for an arrangement and a facility so that we can acquire at least minimum of 275 vehicles so that the party at the local level can have some engagement and run this as a commercial entity. Then the proceeds of it, the party at the constituency level can keep part and use the rest to pay for the facility taken,” he reported Freddie Blay as saying.

He added Mr Blay went further to negotiate on his own accord but discussed with John Boadu to act as a guarantor which he agreed.

So even though the party structure may not officially have been informed about it key party officials were in the know and were ready to support the initiative privately.

“If me, a small fry was able to procure 200 motorbikes for my Youth organisers, mobilized T shirts for all of them without a dime coming from the party, you think Freddie who has been in this business, being a business man has been an MP cannot raise money for these buses?” he asked.

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