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SANITATION ISSUE:The Goodwork Of Zoolion, They Need To Be Recommended


When one walks down the streets of Accra, you will be overhelmed by all the trash that will welcome you. Waste and Rubbish are everywhere, Accra is the capital city of Ghana, a modern city as such but the garbage is everywhere.

The saying that cleanliness is next to Godliness is most espoused and used as a phrase by almost all Ghanaians in daily life situation. Former President of Ghana John Mahama declared on 1 November, 2014 that every first Saturday of each month be observed as a National Sanitation Day following the unforgettable cholera outbreak in the country. It was a loudable idea which many including me smiled to it with the mindset and intention of solving our intense Sanitation problems. It was meant to signify the leading rule government ought to assume in the fight to promote Sanitation across the country. Over two years down the line, the day has lost and vanished out of the memory of the ordinary Ghanaian.

Regardless of the national Sanitation market, day or any measure put forward to address the problem of Sanitation, it has to be understood that, Sanitation is a critical need that has skipped the majority of the good people to the arena of dangerous setback causing harm through sickness to children, men and women as well as aged.

At 61 years of Independence, it is sometimes risible, funny and shameful to note that through research the total Sanitation coverage in Ghana has not exceeded 15% for a long time. Clearly meaning that, only 15 in every 100 Ghanaians have access to Sanitation facilities and services while the majority are left defenseless against the inevitable challenge of various diseases.

Looking and imagining the sordid picture of Sanitation in our country Ghana, it begs of us to identify the significant factors that limit access to better Sanitation for the majority of our people and emerge with long-lasting remedies that will secure for present and future generations, the promise of good standard of life situation devoid of preventable diseases that continue to shatter far too many dreams in our current situation.

Ghana is facing a bigger setback disallowing the country to grow in a better dimension all because of our attitude as people towards Sanitation, it has caused us a lot of harm and is still causing. The tragedy of June 3rd disaster at the Kwame NKrumah circle was all because and as a result of poor nature of Sanitation. Is still causing us and we seem not to worry or bother.

With all these tragedies being a major blow for the State, one company that has limited its stand in making sure that, it makes it better is ZOOMLION. The presence of other waste management companies with the mother agency to be ZOOMLION in the capital and other urban centers has over the period serve as a citadel of awareness creation among citizens to manage waste and keep surroundings clean. In most places like that urban areas, there are many of these Sanitation companies doing well to augment government and ZOOMLION’s efforts especially in street cleansing, door-to-door collection and janitorial work at homes and institutional levels.

Zoomlion company is owed by JOSPONG GROUP OF COMPANIES with the CEO to be Dr. Joseph Siaw Agyapong. The company Zoomlion has grown into a multinational company with several subsidiaries within the period of about a decade and half.

Undoubtedly and Justifiably, the country has partner with the Government of Ghana and other partners in the country to improve the country’s waste management industry under the leadership of past and former heads of State with the inclusion of H. E Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo. The company has been widely applauded by Ghanaians and International Community as well all because of their immense contribution.

One loudable mechanism worthy of commendation by the company is that it has embarked over the years on rigorous national and community public educational programmes on needed platform to entreat Ghanaians on the need to keep personal hygiene and their surroundings clean. Zoomlion as an entity has done a lot and needs to be recommended, the major problem therefore enforce on the mentality of the ordinary Ghanaian. People will sit in vehicles and throw empty water sachets onto the streets, an average Ghanaian will request for a ‘polythene bag’ in accompany to whatever been bought and will end up disposing them at the wrong dimension. Only a hand full of people do dispose their black bags properly after usage.

Whenever it rains, it is not as though there is two much downpour but the plastics choke the gutters which almost is the cause of Ghana’s seasonal flooding. We have become a nation of ‘polythene bags’ which we use in everything we do. The sachet water popularly called ‘pure water’ has even become our dear friend and worst enemy as a state of discipline. At the churches, mosques, bus stops, markets, wedding ceremonies and others, this is our source of water for survival but nobody cares end of day, if the empty ones are properly disposed or not and is unthinkable.

Waste management and environmental Sanitation must and should be everyone’s concern. Let us together believe in the saying that cleanliness is next to Godliness and live it so that, we can get closed to God our maker and Savior.

Keeping the Country Clean Must be a shared responsibility. YOUR DUTY

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