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THERE SEEMS to be a scramble for available spaces around the Kejetia Terminal by scores of traders within the Kumasi Metropolis, THE PUBLISHER had gathered

The traders, especially women, have done the unthinkable by invading the surroundings of the Kejetia Market, which is currently under construction.

These traders, without permission from city authorities, started to demarcate the spaces among themselves on Friday night, sources have told the paper.

The action of the traders happened few hours to the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly’s intended decision to open roads around Kejetia Terminal.

The assembly had planned to open those roads in order to prevent possible congestion in the city center, especially as the yuletide fast approaches.

The traders, however, have a different agenda and so they decided to demarcate the spaces around the Kejetia Terminal among themselves without permission.

The infamous action of the traders even compelled the KMA to abandon their plan of opening the roads, in order to stop a possible clash with the traders.

Some security capos in the city told the paper that the KMA and the Regional Coordinating Council needs to be strategic about the Kejetia project.

According to them, the traders would not leave the streets easily even if the Kejetia Terminal is opened to public, and so city authorities need to plan.

They suggested that maximum force is what the city authorities should consider if they indeed want to sack the ‘stubborn’ traders from the streets.

FROM Fouillard Marian Winful, Kumasi

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