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Set achievable goals – RMU Vice Chancellor urges New Intake

The Regional Maritime University (RMU) in Accra has welcomed its new intake of students for the 2023-2024 academic year with a message of determination and hard work from its Acting Vice Chancellor, Dr. Jethro W. Brooks Jnr.

Addressing the eager students during an orientation ceremony at the main auditorium of the university, Dr. Brooks stressed the importance of setting goals and devising strategies to achieve them. He emphasized that these goals could be accomplished through dedication and hard work throughout their tertiary education.

Dr. Brooks Jnr. underscored the significance of time management as a critical component of educational success, citing research that highlights the correlation between effective time management and academic achievement.

“People who manage their time properly leave no stone unturn and are always on top of their game,” he remarked.

He acknowledged that the path of education may present obstacles, but he encouraged students to embrace these challenges as part of the process of expanding their knowledge and experiences, ultimately making them stronger individuals.

“There is no true gain without pain,” Dr. Brooks added, stressing the importance of processing information effectively to elicit the right responses and actions.

The Acting Vice Chancellor also took the opportunity to explain the clearly defined governance structure of the university, emphasizing that students should feel free to consult any office, including his own, when needed, as their needs are of paramount interest to the university’s management.

Following Dr. Brooks’s inspiring address, Dr. Denis Njumo Atehnjia, the Pro-Vice Chancellor of the Regional Maritime University, shared his personal journey with the incoming students.

He encouraged them to be curious, ambitious, focused, and hardworking, reminding them that in four to five years, they would be considered alumni of the university. He remarked, “20 years ago, I sat where you sit now. Let your roots shoot as students of RMU.”

Professor Captain Nana Ofosu Boateng, Dean of the Faculty of Maritime Studies, enlightened the freshers on the structure of Maritime Studies faculty. He explained that it consisted of three different departments – Nautical, Transport, Business Studies and a Safety and Security Centre, referred to as Maritime Safety Department.

He urged the students to view their academic journey as more than just preparing for a degree but rather embarking on a path that would profoundly impact the Global Maritime Industry and contribute to the sustainable and efficient management of oceans and waterways.

The opening of the two-day orientation program was attended by university management, Heads of Departments, Faculty members, and selected senior staffs, setting a positive tone for the new academic year at RMU.

As these students embark on their educational journey, the message of setting goals, working hard, and embracing challenges is sure to resonate as they aim to make the most of their time at the Regional Maritime University.

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