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Snake Stops Church Service


A HUGE black and angry looking python entered and church auditorium in Kumasi and chased out all the Christian worshippers including the church’s elders and pastors last Tuesday night, THE PUBLISHER has gathered.

The giant snake caused fear and panic among church members worshipping at the Original Church of Christ at Adum Odumase in the Atwima Kwanwoma District of the Ashanti region.

The Head Pastor of the church, Pastor Michael Owusu, was said to be leading the congregation in fervent prayers around 7:30pm on Tuesday when the serpent sneaked into the church building as though it was a guest or a church member.

The congregation, especially women and children, abandoned their prayers and bibles and took to their heels in all directions, in utter fear of the snake, THE PUBLISHER has been reliably informed.

After the free for all fleeing, the some of the male congregants however mustered courage and returned to kill the snake using sticks, iron rods, stones and bricks.

Elder Anthony Fordjour, a member of the church, stated that the big python was burnt by the congregation amid prayers right in front of the church, noting that serpent’s invasion to the place scared all the church members.

He said the congregation was praying to end the day’s fasting and prayer assignment “and I was standing at one of the entrance to the church when I saw the python sneaking slowly into the auditorium.

“I got scared to the marrow upon setting my eyes on the animal but I did not shout; I wanted to alert the church members quietly so we can have the advantage and kill the serpent”, Elder Fordjour disclosed.

He, however, said his plan did not work as the church members, notably the women and children, started to shout and run helter-skelter, amid shouts for help, after they saw the dangerous animal in their midst.

According to him, the head pastor of the church, Pastor Michael Owusu, mustered courage as he led some brave men in the church to confront and kill the serpent with stones, woods and other objects before burning it.

John Manu, a member of the church who was also present, said the animal tried to run away when the congregation noticed it but the church members, led by the head pastor, pursued and killed the serpent before setting it ablaze.

Source: Afua Amankwa Sarpong/ thePublisher

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