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Songor Salt Project Pays Partial Arrears


The Ada Songor Salt Project Company Limited has paid two weeks out of the three months mining fee arrears it owed its miners.

Management of the salt project failed to pay the miners for work done for three months, until last Monday when they received two weeks of their arrears, after they had staged a massive demonstration.

The over 50 agitated workers blocked access to the work place, claiming management failed to pay monies owed them since April 2018, despite several attempts to get the arrears paid.

“I can say that management owed us over GH¢100,000. The monies range from GH¢1,200 to about GH¢4,000”, Mr. John Tetteh Okutu, spokesman for the workers, stated.

During the demonstration, the workers blocked access to the entire company premises for about 3 hours. It took the intervention of the Ada-West District Police Command to calm down tension and also get the blockade removed.

Management of the Salt Project later engaged the aggrieved workers in a Meeting, where it was agreed that they would be paid GH¢40,000.00 on Friday, 8 June, 2018, and the remaining amount settled at a later date.

Mr. Kwei Degbe, head of human resource, who briefed the media on the issue, disclosed that Songor Salt Project had been facing financial crisis for some time, hence the company’s inability to pay the miners on time.

Even though management promised to make the initial part payment on Friday, they were unable to do so until Monday 11, June 2018.

By: Daniel Akpaloo Nyorngmor

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