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Special Prosecutor Not A Rival To Other Law Enforcers- Nana


Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo, President of the Republic of Ghana has expressed worry over the interpretation of the duties of the recently appointed Special Prosecutor (SP), Mr Martin Amidu.

According to him, the presence of the SP is not to belittle the role of the Attorney General (AG), Ministry of Justice, EOCO and other law enforcers adding that the call for the SP duties to be expanded must cease.

The president made this call when he met with seasoned journalists to mark and assess his first year in office.

“We have to be careful about situations whereby we expand the special prosecutor’s office and powers so that it becomes a rival to the ministry of justice and all the other institutions that are already on the ground. That’s a duplication that I don’t think we need,” he advised.

The president explained that, reason for setting up an SP office was to respond to the demand that some corrupt people had been favoured by the law through institutionalised arrangements—specifically political exposed persons and public officials.

According to him, it was more prudent to call for the strengthening of the SP’s capacity.

In boosting the effectiveness of the law enforcement agencies, the president said, “We would recruit better and more people to be able to do their work more effectively than it has been done.”

SP Will Instil The Fear Of God

President Akuffo Addo was however optimistic the office would deliver without fear or failure.

“I do not expect that he (special prosecutor) would provide all the answers with dealing with the phenomenon of corruption by public officials. But I do believe that at least, the office would remove the fear of partisan prosecution and begin to put the fear of God in all public officers who are intending to go down the path of corruption,” he assured.

By: Grace Ablewor Sogbey/

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