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Sports journalist Charles Osei Asibey Declines Bawumia Committee to Stay Neutral

Veteran sports journalist Charles Osei Asibey has declined an offer to serve on the youth and sports sub-committee of Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia’s 2024 election manifesto, citing his commitment to maintaining political neutrality.

Asibey, who holds positions in both the Africa Armwrestling Federation and the World Armwrestling Federation, emphasized the importance of remaining impartial given his roles in Ghana and on the international stage.

In a statement released on Sunday, February 26, Asibey stressed that while he is dedicated to advancing sports development in Ghana, it is crucial for him to maintain a nonpartisan stance to safeguard the integrity of his positions and ensure fairness.

He highlighted the necessity for neutrality, especially as the General Secretary of the Sports Writers Association of Ghana (SWAG), and as a leader in global sports, where fairness and non-alignment are paramount.

Expressing his unwavering love and passion for Ghana’s development, Asibey affirmed his commitment to contributing to sports development while upholding his nonpartisan position.

He made it clear that despite his decision, he remains open to discussions and sharing ideas for the advancement of sports in the country.

Asibey graciously thanked the committee for the opportunity and wished the Dr. Bawumia 2024 campaign success.

His decision underscores his dedication to maintaining an impartial stance in the realm of sports and politics, prioritizing fairness and integrity in his roles both domestically and internationally.


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