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Stange Wind Causes Destruction In K’si


FEAR-STRICKEN people had to run helter-skelter in order to save their lives after a strong wind hit Kumasi on Thursday evening. This was after it had rained heavily in the city for about one-hour.

Huge trees, big billboards, and metal containers were either taken away or destroyed by the winds, which lasted for more than one hour.

Also, roofing sheets on several houses, including some government schools, were ripped off to the dismay of residents.

Some of the fallen trees blocked major road networks, thereby obstructing vehicular movement.

In some places, electric poles that were supplying power to households were blown away, leading to interruption of power supply.

Reports reaching THE PUBLISHER indicate that several valuable items, such as electronic appliances and vehicles, were destroyed.

There were reports that several people suffered injuries as a result of the winds, which had not been seen or experienced in Kumasi in a long time.

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