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Starting A National Campaign Tour In ‘Dumsor’ When Transportation Fares Have Gone Up By 20 Percent

The New Publisher certainly would not want to be in the shoes of  Vice President Mahamadu Bawumia, flag-bearer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP),  as he starts his national campaign tour today Monday April 29, 2024 to tell Ghanaians why he is the best person to fix Ghana’s problems and therefore should be voted for as the next President. We wish he fixed the problems now.

Perhaps, just perhaps, the people near him have fallen short of telling him the bitter truth that times are hard and the complaints are genuine.  The complaints are not coming from alarmist doomsayers or only members of opposition parties.  Ghanaians  need an immediate solution.

Ghanaians need an immediate solution to the ongoing erratic cuts in power supply, a horrible situation commonly referred to as ‘dumsor’.  The solution to that challenge does not rest on the shoulders of the private sector; indeed the private sector and individual Ghanaians are not even in a position to plan a load shedding time table to inform  people to plan ahead. Hope is fading and disillusionment and anger is setting in. The ‘dumsor’ situation is collapsing businesses and making life more unbearable. All eyes are on Government for an immediate solution. A solution that has kept long in coming and the goodwill is fading very fast with just some eight months to general elections.

If there is no immediate solution to the crisis, Dr. Bawumia as a candidate would not be forgiven at the polls, come December,  if the situation is worsened.  He would be punished.

What would Dr. Bawumia tell Ghanaians during the campaign tour if asked about ‘dumsor’ and the fact that he as a person, and his party, used it as an issue to campaign against John Dramani Mahama and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in past elections.

The reasons for which the NPP told Ghanaians that the NDC should be voted out of Government because of ‘dumsor’ are as relevant now as they were when the NPP was in opposition.

There has been a recent increase in public transport fares. Government has called it an illegal increase and engaged  in all manner of verbal gymnastics to escape blame.

Interestingly, the Ghanaian seems to understand that the transport operators are not exploiting the people but they are only passing on the cost of the increase in fuel and vehicle spare parts.

Once the cost of transportation goes up, it affects the cost of every other thing. It further adds to the burden of the suffering Ghanaian losing hope. That is the Ghanaian Dr. Bawumia would be meeting on his campaign tour to explain why he can fix Ghana’s problems but has not been able to fix it yet.

The New Publisher refuses to be a pet dog licking anyone’s feet. We opt to play the role of a bark dog reminding this Government that current events do not suggest they really want to win the next elections for which Dr. Bawumia is the NPP flag-bearer.

We call on him to FIX IT NOW to prove who he says he is. Which footballer ever says he would not score goals during training sessions or friendly matches but would score goals only if and when he is made to captain the team during competitive matches? – MORE SOON

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