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Takoradi: Freight Forwarders lament problems with UNIPASS


After two months of implementing the UNIPASS shipping clearance system at the Takoradi Harbour, members of the Ghana Institute of Freight Forwarders (GIFF), say the outstanding problems with clearance of goods are still not fully resolved.

An Executive Member of the Takoradi District of GIFF, Ato Bentsil, told Citi News that the irregular automatic allocation of customs officers to a clearing agent for processing and difficulties in registering vehicles after clearance at the DVLA causes a lot of delays due to lack of synchronization of the system.

Ato Bentsil added that these challenges should have been solved even before Tema was brought on board to implement the UNIPASS system.

“They still have challenges. Whatever reasons they told you earlier is not true. There are delays in trying to complete one document. So, it’s a problem. When you enter your TIN through your ICUMS and you have your necessary documentation, you will have to be waiting for the necessary methods for payments,” he said.

“…This is totally wrong. Everything was electronic. Now the system is so robust in such a way that you will not be able to be relieved automatically as it used to be. Also, sometimes you have to be relieved manually. For the manual system, if it’s a vehicle you must wait till whatever time for it to be perfected before you will be able to license your vehicle,” he lamented.

He noted that, in previous times, immediately you finish at the car pack you can go to the licensing department and license your car straight away because the system was linked to the particular system at the DVLA.

“So, you don’t have a problem there but now you have to wait. You can just imagine going to the place day in and day out finding out what they can do to get it done. All they could have done is to just wait for three months and I am sure they could have had a solution to all these things,” he added.

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