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Takyiwa – A Missive to Hail You

Poetry comes to life when emotions entwined with deep thoughts find words. This is dedicated to all the beautiful African women who are at their duty post―serving their homes.

Takyiwa, I married you for a purpose

Those reasons you ought to know I suppose

To wake at the crow of the village’s cock

Your breast my babies to suck


Takyiwa, I married you for a reason

That fateful day, in that windy and cold season

To warm my bed and I

To make sensual emotions run high

To shudder in response to my hungry suckling

To come in tune with my fingers’ stroking

To sweep away in a flood of ecstasy


Takyiwa, that’s not all I married you for

There are a thousand and one things more

To tell you all won’t be possible

So just try to be responsible

Not forgetting to subdue the low rumbling in my belly

With the delicate aroma of cooking


Takyiwa ma dearest,

I hope you understand what I mean

Because I paid two thousand and five cowries for you to become mine

And my desires you are entitled to meet


By: Grace Ablewor Sogbey 


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