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There’s no friendship between Yaw Berk and I because of his ‘fake’ life – Mr. Drew


Highly Spiritual signee Mr Drew has described as hypocritical attitude on his side if he ever calls former label signee Yaw Berk as a friend in his life. 

According to the ‘DW3’ hitmaker, he has not been on talking terms with the former label mate since his departure.

Speaking on the ‘Best Entertainment Show‘ on Friday, September 18, 2020 on Okay FM monitored by, Mr Drew revealed his relationship with Yaw Berk went astray after his departure.

“I was happy when he (Yaw Berk) among others left the Highly Spiritual label, if we were getting 20, 20 in terms of money, I would now be receiving 50 so in terms of the excitement, I was. You wanted to go so go, that’s all. I have never spoken bad about any of them before. I haven’t attacked anybody. Yaw Berk is not my friend, our time spent together was just on the record label, we aren’t friends.

“I didn’t know him from anywhere. I never knew him, it was just the label that we became friends. From there, it will be fake to call him my friend. I can’t lie about my friendship with someone, if the person ain’t my friend, I will say it. It was because of the label that we were talking in the first place, like we would all be walking our somewhere. He is not my friend, I am also not his friend except with King Magga which I will say, I am friends with which we have a new song coming out soon”.

Yaw Berk recently made some shocking revelations about conditions he faced with music producer Kaywa when he was signed in his Highly Spiritual label.

He revealed then that he resided in Kaywa’s studio during his time with the record label.

According the him, the renowned music producer promised to give him and his other colleague signees an abode but that never happened and they had no choice than to sleep on the studio’s floor. Yaw Berk attributed his short lived accommodation in Kaywa’s studio to the infestation of bed bugs.

The artiste, who had signed on to Highly Spiritual for five years, said after two years he saw his career had not taken off as he wanted so he decided to leave.

Check the full interview below: 

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