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Thomas Partey’s season at Arsenal in danger

Arsenal’s midfielder, Thomas Partey, has been a major cause for concern within the club, causing the team to worry because he might be unavailable for the rest of the year, as per reports in England.

The situation escalated following recent statements by Arsenal’s manager, Mikel Arteta, who confirmed that Partey would be sidelined for “weeks” due to a groin injury sustained in September, which was compounded by a subsequent muscle injury.

Thomas Partey’s extended absence from Arsenal has wider implications, as it’s a matter of concern for his national team, Ghana. His unavailability could affect Ghana’s upcoming World Cup qualifiers against Comoros and Madagascar this month.

Partey’s absence has been strongly felt in Arsenal this season, with him missing nine games due to recurring injuries. This is unfortunate, especially considering the high expectations that came with his transfer from Atletico Madrid for €50 million in 2020.

Currently, he’s more known for his injuries than his on-field prowess, despite shining moments last season in Arsenal’s Premier League pursuit. Arsenal and Partey’s fans eagerly await his return, hoping for a sustained period of fitness and outstanding performances.

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