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U/E: PNC’s Reg. Youth Organiser Resigns


The Upper East Regional Youth Organiser of the People’s National Convention (PNC) has suddenly walked out on his party, stating in his resignation letter among other reasons that the party has no vision.

Cletus Nagbila’s resignation comes four weeks after a former lawmaker aspirant from the same party, Francis Wongnab, joined the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), contested the recent NPP constituency polls in the region and won as constituency secretary for Nabdam.

“I have come to realise that the party at its current state has no vision, no direction and has no future for us as youth. This is because since after the 2016 elections, the party at the regional level has never summoned any regional executive meeting for us to know the way forward, let alone the constituencies,” Mr. Nagbila told the media in a meeting he convened whilst the party was still mourning the loss of its Vice Regional Chairman, Iddrisu Azure, who died last month.

He claimed further: “There has been virtually not even a single plan towards mobilising the youth through the empowerment of the regional youth organiser. There is absolutely nothing attractive to [the] youth in this region as a party. The [worst] reason that has called for my resignation is as a result of the poor communication system among executive members in the region.”

When the press pressed him to make public the party he would consider signing up for, he replied: “I have the intention of moving to a different political party. A politician is always a politician. But for now I won’t declare as to where I want to go. I will declare it in the shortest time possible. I will soon declare it.”

PNC’s Regional Secretary, Albert Adongo, says the exited Regional Youth Organiser is indicting himself

He has accused himself— Reg. Secretary tells exited Reg. Youth Organiser

Confirming receipt of Mr. Nagbila’s resignation letter, the party’s Regional Secretary, Albert Adongo, told newsmen the reasons mentioned in that letter were an “indictment” on the Regional Youth Organiser himself.

“We’ll properly respond. He can’t say PNC has no vision. Is he telling the region that as a [youth organiser] himself he’s not attractive? It’s even an indictment to him himself for saying that it (the party) is not attractive to the youth. What activities has he generated to attract the youth to the party being a leader of the youth? At the party, we are focused. We are doing everything possible to ensure every wing of the party gets its share in terms of its activities.

“Has he brought up any issue to the national level? He should come up with evidence that probably indicates that he has brought up these complaints and nobody has responded to him. Why would you accuse people without any evidence? We have so many means of communication. He has not brought any complaint on board for anybody to brush it off. As a party, we have positioned ourselves, preparing for the 2020 elections,” Mr. Adongo responded.

Hurting the PNC Pride

Despite the party’s observable dwindling fortunes, a number of people in the region are still glued to the coconut-tree family as the PNC keeps celebrating a history of having ever led Ghana, under Dr. Hilla Limann decades ago, on a democratic path discontinued almost halfway by a military coup.

The party, led by David Apasera, also controlled the parliamentary seat of the regional capital, Bolgatanga, for eight years from the year 2000 to 2008— a rare feat not even the formidable New Patriotic Party (NPP) has ever come close to achieving in a constituency considered a stronghold of the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

The recent departure from the party, by Mr. Wongnab and Mr. Nagbila, is hurting the PNC pride. The Regional Secretary, who told Starr News he had not “officially received” a resignation letter yet from Mr. Wongnab, could not hide the hurt when he spoke to the press in Bolgatanga.

“Indeed, I must say it’s a big blow to the party’s fraternity in the sense that we are a democratic party, always asking for more members to come, canvassing for more members to come to develop our dear country. For somebody like Cletus to resign, it’s not good news. On behalf of the party in the region, I must say that we are not happy,” Mr. Adongo admitted.

Source: Starrfmonline

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