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Wassa Fiase Paramount Chief urges Divisional Chiefs to seek unity

The Paramount chief of Wassa fiase Traditional area, Katakyie Ntsiful Essel V, met his divisional chiefs, queen mothers and the family heads to discuss issues affecting the Paramountcy.

They discussed issues like chieftaincy disputes, Galamsey and other social vices, boundaries of the divisional areas, judicial setting and panel taking something to overturn certain decisions.

Touching on the issue of Galamsey, Katakyie Ntsiful Essel V, said the activities of the illegal miners had destroyed large farmlands and polluted major water bodies in the traditional area like river Ankobra and river Bonsa.

He has therefore asked the youth to support their chiefs in the fight against the activity.

The Kyeamehene of Wassa fiase Traditional area, Nana Ampong Kwesi who also doubled as the divisional chiefs for Essikuma Bonsawire added that,

“It seems like what people are saying is true that the politicians are deeply involved in this galamsey thing because those doing it are not hiding and they pass by them day and night but they don’t say anything”.

Nana Ampong Kwesi again said the powers of the chiefs have been taking away by the politicians as they will be in their town and someone will come saying he has license to come and do prospecting with the knowledge of the chiefs in that area.

Katakyie Ntsiful Essel V, said where there are galamsey activities, there’s high rate of teenage pregnancy, drug influence, prostitution, indiscipline and other social vices which affect youth in that community.

The divisional queen mother for Bogoso kokoase, Baahenmaa Adwoa Tanaa II, added the issue of teenage pregnancy is one of headaches and she pleaded on the Omanhene to help all the queen mothers to fight this canker together because it is really affecting the girls in our communities.

She also pleaded on the Omanhene to make sure various mining companies relook at their community bargaining agreement because it’s long overdue.

Touching on the court issues, the Omanhene said, it is really affecting Wassaman development because one case can be in the court for almost nineteen years and still pending which really affect Wassa Fiase and therefore urged all divisional chiefs to settle their cases out of court.

He explained that not only the chieftaincy matters but also land and family disputes are all affecting Wassamans development.

Katakyie concluded by saying all these disputes one way or the other affect the growth and development of Wassa Fiase traditional area and asked all the chiefs to bury their difference and reunite to bring development to the area.



By Weldon Williams

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