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Who Should Eat The Gizzard: Men or Women


I have had what I believe is one of the most unbelievable conversation today.

Do You Think Gizzard Is Strictly For Men?

My friends say it is an Igbo tradition that should not be messed with. That it is a sign of honor to male folks.

Iweka Ozioma says, if as a female you still reserve gizzard for your father, husband and boyfriend, you’re truly wife material 100%.”

I mean the gizzard, the digestive organ in the digestive tract of a chicken

The one the bird uses to grind up the foods it eats. Usually a “sand bag”

I find this hilarious because, there are soups / sauces I make with only gizzard. Everyone and anyone even children can eat it. It is not that deep or serious.

Iweka insists that in Igbo land it is a mark of respect to the men, especially family heads.

She adds that whenever you give gizzard to a man it changes their mood.

Tochukwu insists that non Igbos won’t understand it. He adds it’s not the gizzard sold at shopping malls. He says the one from the chicken slaughtered at home is actually special. He insists this tradition should not be questioned.

However, I think fowl’s body parts is everyone’s business. Except you want to prove how Gizzard is connected to manhood, it is ridiculous.


And it wasn’t always an Igbo exclusive. Almost all the tribes had thought the gizzard had special powers.

But as we speak, even my Anambra neighbour is surprised people still think that way about The GIZZARD.

It is still the same INSIGNIFICANT GIZZARD whether you kill it home or abroad.

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