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Women Were Created For Men – Selly Galley


Television personality, Selly Galley has advised women to avoid living their lives as if they do not need men in there because they certainly do.

According to her, women were created for men.

Outlining reasons why women were created for men, she said “dear woman, don’t live your life as if you don’t need a stable man in it. You know you’re lying to yourself”.

She said “Every woman wants to feel loved. Be loved. Settle down and have a family, ultimately, before we die! The way you live your life will account for the things and people you’ll attract”.

Selly Galley added that “So strive for the career goals yes but let’s live our lives such that we’ll attract what we deserve and when IT DOES find us, we’d have been ready! we do not attract what we want, we attract what we are”.

She advised women to “conserve and reserve a bit of your now ( youthful exuberance ) for the “greater good”.

Source: Mynewsgh

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