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Health Expert Warns Against Christmas Sex


The Greater Accra Regional Health Director is worried that too many young women become pregnant during Christmas.

This was after a research established that a lot of young women take seed during the season.

According to Dr Linda Van Otoo, young women should either stay away from sex during the Christmas festivities or use contraceptives.

“Maybe some people have even started their Christmas celebration by this time; count nine months and you will find out that the number of women going to deliver has shot up,” she said.

She explained that a lot of women who think they are happy having fun end up having unprotected sex.

“Around this time, a lot of young people go to parties to have fun and some of them although unmarried will even have sex.

“To a large extent, you can say that these deliveries follow the Christmas celebrations…we have established that trend,” she said.

The research was done for the various districts to help find ways of reducing maternal mortality.

Source: Myjoyonline

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