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Your Gov’t Is Hiding Things From You – Mahama


Former President John Mahama has claimed government is hiding the real deficit of the country from Ghanaians.

According to him, the Finance minister is bypassing the GIFMIS platform to make payments just so Ghanaians do not get to know the true state of affairs.

“There are many things that are going on; the economy is painted as being very rosy, various figures are being thrown about just to show that the economy is doing better but there are a lot of things the government is hiding from you.

“They are showing you a better balance sheet because they are misclassifying a lot of things and hiding things from the budget; they are making payments outside the GIFMIS,”, the former President told NDC supporters in the UK.

Mr. Mahama also said he is on a mission to rescue Ghanaians.

“I think that Ghanaians are more discerning now…after what we’ve all gone through, any politician who comes dangling promises before you, you’ll look at him twice…or, if any politician comes to you and says, Try me’, you’ll turn and run away.

“And, so, times are not easy but we want to give our people hope, we’re on a rescue mission: to rescue the fate of our people in their democracy and we are starting that with the manifesto we’ll present; it’ll be a very practical manifesto that incorporates their concerns and we’ll work together and communicate to Ghanaians every step of the way, the implementation of that manifesto.

“It will be a realistic manifesto to turn things around and start laying the foundation for the transformation of our country’s economy”, Mr Mahama added.

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