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40 DAYS OF POWER With Pastor Mensah Otabil


DAY 17 – JULY 8


All your Children shall be taught by the Lord, and great shall be the peace of your Children. – Isaiah 54: 13


7. Commit the safety of your children into God’s hands; declare that they are safe from all dangers at home, in school and wherever they go.

8. Pray that the children in your life will identify their gifts and abilities and develop them into skills that glorify the Lord.

9. Claim the full manifestation of God’s potential over the life every child born into the world ; confess that the earth will be filled with children excelling in whatever they do.


10. Declare that he next generation of children in our nation will do ten times better than their predecessors.

11. Declare that children all over the world will learn to walk in honesty and integrity.

12. Bind the negative influence of homosexuality, pornography and drug addiction plaguing children across the globe; resist every force behind these agenda and declare that they will not take place in Africa in Jesus name.

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