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5 Romantic Movies To Watch With Your Lover


Have you received gifts from your lover(s) yet? Whether you have or you haven’t, you deserve to feel special about yourself today and to help you do that, we put together a short list of 5 romantic movies that will surely get you in the mood for Valentine.

It doesn’t matter if you’re alone or if you have a partner, these movies will make your Vals day extra special.

Our list is a mixture of recent and classic romantic movies.

Here we go…

– Crazy Rich Asians

Kevin Kwan’s Crazy Rich Asians novel got turned into a movie and it was one of the most successful movies of 2018.

The movie is a tale of love, wealth, different backgrounds and how these three things can make a relationship very complicated. The main characters of the movie are a couple, Nick Young and Rachel Chu. Nick Young’s best friend is about to get married and he’s travelling back home to Singapore for the wedding with Rachel. Nick is using his friend’s wedding as an opportunity to introduce Rachel to his family.

There’s just one problem. Nick hasn’t told Rachel how wealthy his family is.

– The Notebook

Just like Crazy Rich Asians, The Notebook movie was adapted from a novel written by Nicholas Sparks. The film was released in 2004 and is considered one of the greatest romantic movies of all time. The movie tells the story of a poor yet passionate young man falls in love with a rich young woman, giving her a sense of freedom, but they are soon separated because of their social differences.

– Valentine’s Day

No matter what your situation is on Valentine’s day, this movie will resonate with you. Valentine’s day follows a group of related characters and their struggles with love on Valentine’s Day. The film pulls an all-star cast with the likes of Ashton Kutcher, Julia Roberts, Bradley Cooper, Jamie Foxx, Jessica Biel, Jamie Foxx, Anne Hathaway, Julia Roberts, Emma Roberts, Taylor Swift and others that we can’t remember at this point.

– Pretty Woman

Richard Gere and Julia Roberts star in one of the greatest love movies of all time. Richard plays Edward Lewis a businessman who has just broken up with his girlfriend. On a business trip, he meets Julia Roberts character Vivian. Vivian is a prostitute who gets attached to Richard Gere and with time, the two fall for each other but how can a popular businessman and a prostitute have a relationship?

Well, you have to watch the movie to find out.

– Me Before You

Disclaimer: You’re going to cry.

Seriously, you will definitely shed tears. In this movie, a girl (Emilia Clarke) in a small town forms an unlikely bond with a recently-paralysed man (Sam Claflin) she’s taking care of.

That’s our short list of movies for you to watch this Valentine. We hope you enjoy them.

If there are other love movies you think should have made the list or maybe you just want people to check them out, feel free to write about them in the comments section.

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