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Barimah Amoaning Ranked Among Top 50 Influential Bloggers In Ghana


Radio host and blogger Barimah Amoaning Samuel has been ranked among Ghana’s top 50 most influential bloggers making impact.

Online portals in Ghana have over the years become one of the major tools for news readers and social media users, giving more power to bloggers and online content creators as the numbers keep growing daily.

The game has become highly competitive in Ghana as to which a Writer produces the best of stories and make the most of impacts.

Top 50 bloggers in Ghana

Bloggers over the weeks were ranked based on their performance in respect to their works by Avance Media. Being a recognised blogger in Ghana comes with credibility and this has always being the dream of upcoming bloggers to hit to the top and be recognised as such but then, this comes with hardwork and consistency.

The rankings which was dubbed 2018 top 50 Ghanain bloggers saw award winning blogger; Barimah Amoaning Samuel popularly know as ChiefBlogger and CEO of entamoty online portal in the rankings together with other high profile bloggers who have over the years made a mark with their blogging carrier.

Entamoty, which simply means entertainment and motivation is an online portal which has over the years feed the general public with entertainment, motivations and trending issues both in Ghana and overseas. Issues on the online portal not only end there but then discussions are made every Saturday on class FM on their award winning youth show, entamoty live.

Written by Abdul-Rahman Musah

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