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Be a channel to sustain and uphold others


Today, everyone wants to be in the showcase and no one wants to be in the foundation. Do you know why? No one sees the foundation!  And everyone wants to be seen. So everyone wants to be the roof, the paint and the ceiling.  Where are the foundations? How many of you know that no building can stand without the foundation? Jonathan said ‘I am a channel. I know my assignment. I know what God has called me to do. My call is to help David ascend the throne and to ensure that his life is preserved and am willing to fulfil it.’

There are some who would want their master dead so that they can occupy that position. But for Jonathan, he said, David must not die because he is the eye of Israel. We must preserve him!  We must protect him! We must defend him!  We must strengthen him, and we must uphold his hands. Jonathan the son of Saul; the arch enemy of David said to his father, ‘On this point, we are going to disagree. I know you want me to be on the throne, but I don’t want to die prematurely.’ Jonathan knew that when you occupy a position that God has not prepared for you, the grace on you will not be sufficient to sustain you.

The Bible declares that Jonathan cut a covenant with David. Covenant is an agreement sealed by blood between two individuals for a common cause. When you cut covenant with somebody, if anyone fights that person you are obligated to join and fight those opponents. You have the right to use the person’s authority. You have the right to carry his name. So, Jonathan cut a covenant to help preserve the life of David. He said to David, ‘This covenant does not end between the two of us. It should also cover my children. Do good to my family;’ and David agreed.

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