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Another need in the Church today is discipleship. In the secular world, it is called mentorship. This has become such a rare commodity and the result is that the Church is filled with half-baked sons and daughters of God.

No matter the level you are in life, when you accept Jesus as your personal Lord and Saviour, do not feel too big to go through the discipleship classes.

Submit yourself to be taught so that you can be properly equipped to teach others. Mentorship has so flown out of the window that many people feel they know something, yet they are totally ignorant.

Beloved, the Bible is just not a story book, it is the Word of God that is profitable to you; but for you to reap the benefits of it, you need to sit down and be taught line upon line, precept upon precept. No matter the structure laid down in your church, do not feel too big to go through it.

Beyond listening to the teacher, also pray for God to open your eyes the more, so that you can behold the wondrous things out of the Word.

When you have been discipled, do not run off, you should also pick a new convert up and disciple the person too. Find someone you can help to go through the discipleship classes too. Some people may not want to go, but you can volunteer to go with the person until the person meets a new friend and feels committed to go through the remaining classes.

But that is not all, follow the person up. Find time to visit the person, pray with the person and share scriptures with the person. Someone raised you, who are you raising? Someone discipled you, but who are you discipling?

If you are already grounded in the faith, look for someone to help. Genuinely reach out to the person today and you will see a change to the glory of God.

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