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Becca Accused of Bleaching


Award-winning Singer Becca has been accused of bleaching her skin.

Becca’s latest image has generated some controversy on social media with a section of the public questioning the complexion of the musician.

A photo circulating on social media believed to be that of the “You lied to me” singer, has led many people to debate about her complexion.

The picture appeared to be a ‘lighter’ version of the singer and it has sparked a social media debate.

Some people are reportedly drawing their conclusion that the singer might have bleached to look fair.

Others were of the view that it was only the camera which was deceiving some fans and followers of the musician at the time the photo was taken.

The picture which has since started going viral showed the lady in the picture covering her face with her palm. The lady in the photo also had an emerald ring on her finger.

An old picture of Becca

Source: Peacefmonline

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