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Your philosophy of life is your value and your standard. It is what motivates you to do what you do. If you allow the world to mold your philosophy, you aren’t going anywhere and I can tell you that your success in life will never be good success. Joshua 1:8 talks about good success. If there is good success, it therefore means that there is also bad success. I know for sure that you never desire a bad success or a success that you will not enjoy.

We all want the success that will last. But if you allow the world, through what is on the internet, or any of the social media to determine what forms your philosophy of life, you are going to end up shooting yourself in the leg. The television, newspaper and social media are all begging for your attention. The billboards too are now no more the type we used to know in the late 60s and 70s. A lot of these things and many more are asking you to take them along with you on your journey to destiny and so you have to be careful. If you are not careful they may end up dragging you away from what God has said.

The only person that can give you correct philosophy is God himself. He made you and He knows what is good for you. The intention of the enemy is to spoil and rob you of what you have. There is something that has been tested and proven that you can build your life upon. It is the word of God! The word of God is infallible, impregnable and error-less. It can work anywhere. It will work in America, Europe, Asia, Ireland or anywhere. It is important, therefore, that you don’t let the world mold your thinking but the word of God only. That is why you must own a bible and give attention to the word therein.

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