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Bugri Naabu Sends Men to Assault Contractor


The Northern Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Alhaji Bugri Naabu, yesterday afternoon sent men to attack a local contractor perceived to be a National Democratic Congress (NDC) sympathizer in Tamale.

The reason for the attack was that NDC people could not be allowed to get government contracts and work while NPP people had no jobs, the Chairman said in an interview with starr News.

He warned that equipment of the contractor would be seized if he returned to the site.

An NPP vigilante youth group in Tamale on Tuesday chased away workers of the local construction firm contracted to build a storm drain and fix a deadly gutter at Gumani, a suburb of Tamale.

Sources say some regional executives accused the Municipal Chief Executive, Mariam Iddrisu, of awarding the contract to an NDC contractor.

Speaking to Starr News, the regional chairman of the NPP, Bugri Naabu said he sanctioned the attack on the contractors adding that the situation would have been fatal if he were in Tamale during the incident.

According to him, the NPP youth “did a good job” by chasing away the contractor.

“I sanctioned it…the guy who awarded the contract to them, where is their award letter…when our own people have no jobs, NDC people are working all over the place in the region,” Bugri Naabu said.

Bugri Naabu added that he was not informed as the leader of the party in the region before the contract was awarded.

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