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Call It What You Want


One thing we must understand in God’s dealings with His children is that the Bible clearly tells us from the very beginning that we are made in the image of God. There are things that God will not do for you. In fact, if He does it, it violates His principles and the way He functions. Psalm 115:16 says God has made the heavens for Himself but the earth He had given to the sons of men. So your word carries power here on earth. What you say and what you call anything can either make or mar you. Understand also that if you are not careful, it is so easy in the midst of all these disaster and pressure that the enemy is bringing, to begin to call them what the devil calls them.

Genesis 2:19 says “…out of the ground the LORD God formed every beast of the field and every fowl of the air; and brought them unto Adam to see what he would call them”. In other words God was watching man to find out what he was going to call them. And the Bible says, whatsoever Adam called every living creature that was the name thereof. God did not change nor alter their names. God was saying to Adam ‘I agree with you. I have set the order in motion and I cannot violate it. I have given you authority over what I have created.’

Can you imagine the number of the birds of the air, the beasts in the field and the fishes of the sea! God brought all to Adam and anything Adam called them, God said ‘I agree.’
Beloved, what are you calling the situation around you? What are you calling that challenge? Call it what you want and God will honour it!

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