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Children: God’s Gift

Children are God’s gift to us. Everyone who is a parent today is a caretaker. God has committed a treasure into your hands to nurture to fulfil purpose and as parents, we must not fail.

Psalms 127:3 is emphatic that children are gifts. How do you treat gifts? When you receive a gift that you value, you don’t handle it anyhow. If it is an electronic gadget you are not familiar with, you will first bring out the operating manual and study so that you do not destroy it when you want to operate it.

All truths are parallel. The same is true with the children God has given us. No two children are the same; even twins. The fact that they were in the womb together does not give them the same destiny. We must celebrate their uniqueness.
Today and every day, I challenge parents to be deliberate about praying for their children. Pray for them individually, love them and communicate with them. Be their friend.

Share moments with them. Get to know who their friends are. Know their likes and dislikes. Provide support for them. Don’t be a parent that is so far from the children. Don’t be the kind of father or mother whose children run at the whiff of your perfume. Be there for them. Encourage them, prophesy over their lives everyday.

As it is for your biological children, so it is for your spiritual children. Be responsible and responsive to them. You are God’s representative to bring the best out of them. Don’t take it lightly. Destinies depend on you. You will not fail in Jesus’ name.

I pray over all our children that they will fulfill purpose. They will grow into the man and woman that God has ordained them to be. They are set apart from the evil of this present world in Jesus’ name.

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