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Choose 6 Cars Over 6 Packs – D Cryme to Girls


Twipop Music label top dog and Ghanaian musician, Kwesi Darlington, known in showbiz as D Cryme has stated that he would always choose a guy with six cars over a person with six packs if he were to be a lady.

According to D.Cryme, cars are a necessity and help greatly in one’s daily activities whereas six packs is just a thing to drool over and has no importance.

“Most women would choose a man with cars over a man with six packs because cars are a necessity whereas six packs is only seen when one is shirtless.” the “Kill me Shy” – he said.

D. Cryme added that most girls have to go through the pain of paying for an uber to take them around and would not think twice to choose a man with cars if one should come their way.

He further stated that Ghanaians mistake confidence for arrogance.

“I am not arrogant. You see, I used to answer this question but I’m tired now and I’m aging so I have realized that it is not anything that you have to answer. Maybe that day I was drunk or maybe it was the mood I was in or something,” he quizzed.

According to him, Ghanaians always confuse confidence to be arrogance. People are confident and normally confuse that level of life to be arrogance,

D.Cryme who has been absent in the Music Industry is back with a new music video titled “Bae”.

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