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Churches are threat Damaging Some Christians – Kweku Asiedu


This has become issue on the mouth of many Ghanaians especially those that don’t see or believe in church attending, the latest person to register his displeasure about how unpleasant he thinks some churches are being handle is no other but entertainment critic, Kweku Asiedu.

He express his amassment of how money are received by some pastors at the expense of musicians who sing in their churches and most importantly members of the congregation as a whole in the name of seed sowing.

He opines that the church has failed in ensuring the welfare of its members at least, for the forty-two years he has walked on earth.

“The church is a thief to Christians” he repeatedly said; adding that “a church will grow and a pastor will flourish but the people in the church keep suffering.” – – he added.

According to him, instead of amassing wealth, pastors and men of God should rather focus on the welfare of its members.

“Ask yourself how many churches have hospitals where members receive medical care for free? How many churches have schools with affordable fees for members? There is no Charismatic church where seeds are not sown. But the seeds never germinate not to talk of harvest. Your children are having lavished weddings and you boldly say that the Lord has blessed you; you can count your fleet of cars. You’ve forgotten that someone sang during the offertory? Why don’t you give a special money for those people to be motivated?” he lamented.

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