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Cows Take Over Kumasi Airport


CATTLE HAVE virtually taken over the Kumasi Airport lately, THE NEW PUBLISHER can boldly state.

The animals have virtually made the airport their feeding grounds nowadays, as they are usually seen grazing freely, particularly along the main road that links the busy airport to the Airport Roundabout.

Considering that the road is a very busy one, the presence of the cows there certainly poses danger to pedestrians and road users.

“Sometimes you have to stop your car and wait even though you may be in a hurry to catch your flight.

“We are also afraid that the cattle might cross the path of a speeding car and cause a bloody crash”, some of the users of the road bemoaned.

They wondered why nothing was being done to prevent the cattle from making the Kumasi Airport their grazing area.

Aside the danger that the animals pose, their presence there dents the image of the country’s second largest city.

City dwellers have therefore charged the city authorities to take a bold action to prevent the animals from roaming at the airport.

“Very soon the cattle will hit the runway, and this can lead to disaster”, some of the people complained.

The entire surroundings at the Kumasi Airport seemed to be overgrown with weeds and that certainly attracts the cows.

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