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Dada Hafco Preaches Happiness With ‘Fall Down’


Music has proven to be a great tool for social change, making musicians some of the most powerful change agents one can find if they play their roles well.

High-life artist Dada-Hafco, certainly wants to play a good role by using his music to promote encouragement and happiness among all individuals. And his new single, FALL DOWN is set to make his vision come to reality.

FALL DOWN was released on the 20th of February, 2019 and Dada Hafco told The Publisher on Saturday that the song is meant to encourage every individual facing difficulties in life to gather momentum towards every problem.

”My new single for 2019 is an encouragement song. I want to tell my fans, every person on this planet to gather hope no matter the issue. Smile and dance to Fall Down. No person should be aligned to suicide, frustration and other unfortunate amenity.

”For instance, trauma and hardships are becoming more these days and suicide seems to be on the increase. I want to address that with my song and tell people to let hope lead.” he said.

FALL DOWN is a Hi-Life masterpiece, produced by DDT and Dada Hafco sings in the local language Twi. On the track, Dada Hafco tells listeners to have hope for a better tomorrow despite all the hardships.

He talks about how Kantamanto market operators should be motivated even if there is no sale coming on board. He also tells the story of how one should not allow broken heart in relationship takes them to their grave.

In indicating that, life isn’t just about today but more prospects ahead, Dada is subtly telling persons to be motivated and dance with FALL DOWN to distractions, hardships and other unfortunate actions in life.

With an experienced hand like DDT on the beats, you get nothing but a great sound and Dada Hafco’s soothing voice adds up to give FALL DOWN a nice flavour.

Dada Hafco has gradually become a household name with his deep researched writing skills, lyrical dexterity and his delivery style. Some people in the industry have tipped him as one of the best writers of his generation and are very hopeful he would shine a lot of light on Ghana in the near future.

Dada Hafco real name Terry Asare Boamah has been in the music Industry for decades, churn out several good songs, make it on music Charts across the country and has enviable list of artists with VEVO Channels around the world to his credit which includes the likes of Justin Bieber, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Drake, One Direction, Wizkid,  Asa and a host of others.

For him, the trick for him is to do timeless songs and not the ones that enjoy airtime for a short time and fade away.

”I don’t just want to follow the crowd and do songs that die out in a few weeks. I want to do songs that can stand the test of time. I am a versatile artiste who does not like to be confined” he said.

Dada Hafco further disclosed that, he has a lot of materials which he will be releasing this year including his 15 track Album.

”Music lovers and my fans should look out for hit  and goods songs from me, I will not disappoint them” – he assured his Dadabees Empire Fanbase.

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