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Develop A Partnership With The Holy Spirit


One of the dire needs of a leader is to develop a relationship with the Holy Spirit. You cannot go on this journey successfully without Him. You do not need Him only in the Church, you need Him in the day-to-day journey of life.

When you partner with the Holy Spirit, He will help you invest right, He will help you take the right business decisions; He will help you, when listening to another person, to sift the information and guide you.

A partnership with the Holy Spirit is one of the benefits of the believer, but sadly it is one of the privileges that we rarely tap into. The Holy Spirit knows everything and guides into all truths.

As a leader, imagine that you visited the house of one of your group or cell leaders and God inspired you to pray in a particular area of their need that no one mentioned to you. Can you imagine the surprise and eventually joy that will come from that?

Beloved, we are in a people-oriented business and God cares about the people more than you can imagine and He needs a vessel through which He can flow and touch the lives of multiplied millions around the world.

Can you imagine the relief you will have when you have the leading of the Holy Spirit at the point when you were about to take a major business decision?

Can you imagine how excited your children will be when you call them with a word that you received from God in the place of prayer concerning them? God wants to partner with you in EVERY area, not a few or a selected areas, but He needs you to yield totally to Him.

Give Him liberty in your life and everything concerning you will experience a change for the better.

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