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Do Things God’s Way


Many have died, many marriages have been destroyed; businesses, relationships and capitals have been lost because of the inability to handle emotions. Probably if Cain had first talked it over with God, he could have put the little pieces together. He would have understood why his offering was not accepted. And he could have been able to control himself. You see, you can’t go to the presence of God and leave the same way. No! Something has to happen! I am convinced that no matter how angry Cain was, if he had come to the presence of God, He would have healed him. God would have spoken into his heart. God would have told him: “Listen son, I was expecting a blood offering but you came with your effort and man’s effort is not acceptable before God. When you are coming before me, it must be me and me alone, not me plus you”.

Do you know that handling things your way is a display of pride and arrogance, because you have refused to humble yourself under the mighty hand of God? Pride in this context is not when you swell up like a loaf of bread that has been put in water. Pride is when you fail to acknowledge what the Lord has done and model your life based on it.

According to the book of James 4:6: “God gives more grace to the humble” It is humility to say ‘I will do it God’s way and not my own way.’ It is pride when it is ‘only me.’ It is humility to handle issues God’s way. When you are humble, you will be able to rebuke the devil. Probably the reason believers are not able to rebuke the devil, who is already a defeated foe, is that they are not humble. The devil understands Spiritual law. He understands where you are. When you are not humble, you are arrogant.

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