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Don’t Run Solo

Some people have taken the scripture above to mean that they do not need to submit to any authority or belong to any church.

Beloved, that is a lie from the pit of hell.
You have the Holy Spirit in you but that does not mean you do not need anyone. God did not create you and save you to run solo.

You are an integral part of a body. Remember, He likens the Church to the human body. So, can the hand do without the eyes? Can the eyes do without the feet? Can the feet function without the mouth? Can the intestines function without the arteries?

Every part of the body is equally useful. God gave each part its assignment and no part alone is called the body. For you to have a body, every part needs to come together.

The same is true of the Body of Christ.
No matter how anointed you are, some parts of the scripture will not come alive to you until someone opens your eyes to it.

That is why we need each other, otherwise, Ephesians chapter 4 would have lost its relevance. Yes, we all have the Spirit of God in us and we are led by Him, God has still put a structure in place in the Church for us to follow.

No matter how anointed you are, you must learn to submit to authority. You may not like it at first, but as you continue in the Word of God, He will open your eyes to what you need to know.

Your leader may not be perfect, you are also not perfect. So, if you want people to follow you, start by following someone else. To be a good leader, you must first be a good follower.

No matter who you are, ensure that you belong to a local assembly of believers and contribute your quota to the spread of the Kingdom.

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