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All through the scripture, God has always wanted us to rest. There could have been no Eve if Adam did not go to bed. God had to put Adam to sleep in order to produce Eve. Your helper can only come when you rest. God was saying your helper could come out from within you. The help that you seek does not necessarily have to come from outside, it can come from within. However, the only way it can be birth is by you resting.

As long as Abraham kept on agitating and doubting, Isaac would not come. But at 100 years, when everything rested, Isaac (meaning laughter) was born. Child of God, I declare that you will laugh again. Your story will not end in anguish. You will not end in disgrace. Your story will end in praise. God has called you to a life of rest. He has called you to a life of celebration and laughter, and not to sorrow and pain. I speak a divine turnaround for you in Jesus’ name.

In Genesis chapter 28, Jacob was running away from his brother Esau, and he came to the place where he got tired. He had no pillow to lay his head, but he rested anyhow. As he slept, God gave him a powerful revelation. Now you understand the secret to his success – he understood that God was his source, therefore he didn’t have to struggle. That is why even though he was cheated twice, he was relaxed, knowing that it will turn out good. Jacob could have gone back home empty handed but because he rested, God gave him unusual revelation, which had never happened before. His eyes were opened to see what he should do and overnight the whole wealth of Laban was transferred to him. I declare a wealth transfer in your life. Your ground will produce for you. Wherever you are operating, the ground will answer to you. Go to bed!

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