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Enjoy The Grace Of God

The Grace of God found David. And he was anointed by God to be king over Israel. Although David had been anointed to be king, Saul was not ready to hand over power to David. Several times Saul wanted him dead, but God preserved him.

When God’s grace is working on your behalf, your enemies will want you dead, but they will not succeed. God will ensure that his Grace covers you. David eventually became king over all Israel because that was the promise of God. When God makes a promise to you, anything less is not acceptable. You must stand your ground until you receive everything that God has spoken concerning you. He knows how to deal with the enemies. He knows how to silence the opposition.

It was David that silenced Goliath. Goliath threatened God’s people but David as a young man confronted Goliath, silenced him and cut off his head. It was David also who fell into sin. He saw a woman having her bath and David invited her. The husband was at the war front fighting the Lord’s Battle. David slept with her and she became pregnant and David orchestrated the death of the husband. All these things happened and yet the bible calls him a man after God’s heart. How does that grab you? Of all the kings of Israel, David was the only one who was alive to install his successor.

David enjoyed grace. You are also called to enjoy Grace. Psalm 23:6 declares: “Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life…” (KJV). That is the conclusion of the matter! Goodness should be regarded as grace. Any time you see grace, look around the corner, mercy is around. They are twins. Grace is God giving to you what you don’t deserve and mercy is God not giving the punishment you deserve. Enjoy God’s grace.

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